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Gain in U.S. Consumer Confidence Lifts Spending Outlook: Economy

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American consumers turned more confident in December as hiring picked up, brightening the outlook for spending heading into 2014. The Conference Board said its sentimentindex climbed to 78.1 from 72 in November, exceeding the median forecast of economists surveyed by Bloomberg and the strongest year-end reading since 2007. Other reports showed home prices climbed at the fastest   …Continue Reading

Manufacturing to give economy a fresh push into 2014

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WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Manufacturers likely ended 2013 by posting a seventh month of growth, which probably will help fuel a pickup in the broad economy and hiring in the new year, economists say. This week’s data may also signal continued gains for housing and a rebound in confidence among consumers, the backbone of the U.S. economy.   …Continue Reading

Where does the 3D Printer stand in the future of Metal Fabrication?

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Lately, there has been a lot of chatter surrounding the 3D printer and its capabilities as a manufacturing machine.  For people in the metalworking industry, innovative technology continues to push the industry and allow for faster production.  Just look at our 4 plate rolling machine. We’ve tried to transform the way companies bend metal, including   …Continue Reading

The Benefits of Using A 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

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Metal-working companies who need to optimize their production look for a machine that can pre-bend and roll their metal efficiently to produce the products they in turn sell. We carry a 4 roll hydraulic plate bending machine and a 3 double pinch plate bending machine which both offer great benefits. The 4 roll machine offers   …Continue Reading

Alien Gold-Diggers?

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If you are in the metal fabrication industry, Michael Tellinger might argue that you need to learn about him. He is none other than the organizer of South Africa’s first UFO Science and Consciousness Conference, which was held only a week or so ago in Johannesburg. Michael Tellinger might be described as the “Consciousness” part   …Continue Reading

No snowplows in Ghana

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“Metal fabrication” and for that matter, the metal manufacturing industry, seem to have very different meanings and specializations, depending what part of the world you are in. A few days ago I was in London, admiring a fleet of brand-new snowplows, which stood brightly at attention, gleaming and winking in the autumn sun at the   …Continue Reading

Back to Basics: The Sledgehammer

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When it comes to the bare-knuckle basics of metal-working machinery, nothing says “old school” quite like the sledgehammer. This is “grassroots” machinery at its finest. Although they were and still are commonly used by blacksmiths to shape heavy sections of iron, the uses for a sledgehammer are practically unlimited. With this in mind, it only   …Continue Reading

Now Hiring: Asteroid Miners

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A long, long time ago, in a galaxy we are all familiar with, asteroids rained all the gold, cobalt, iron, manganese, nickel,osmium, molybdenum, palladium, rhenuim, rhodium, ruthenium and tungsten that we will ever mine from this planet, onto the earth’s crust. Based on known earthly reserves and growing rates of consumption in developing countries, it   …Continue Reading

Steel hull construction for mega yachts is huge moneymaker

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I’ve recently been spending a disproportionate amount of my time working on a boat. By boat, I mean a 39-ft sail boat (or cruiser, if you prefer) that we are planning to sail to the Caribbean in a few weeks. Anyone who’s owned or worked with boats will tell you that the amount of work   …Continue Reading

Meet Hephaestus: the original “Man of Steel”

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Back in the bad old days of Greek mythology, Hephaestus was the name of the god of fire, in particular the fire of the blacksmith. This made him the patron of all craftsmen, as well as the god of volcanoes. In terms of his personality, Hephaestus is an interesting study in contrasts. By many accounts,   …Continue Reading

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