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  • MG - Since 1959 in pursuit
    of the optimum solution.
  • MG - Since 1959 ruling the bends-
    Bending the rules.
  • MG - Since 1959 in pursuit
    of the optimum solution.
  • MG team's passion
    creates perfection.
  • MG - Since 1959 ruling the bends -
    Bending the rules.

Plate Rolls

The MG plate rolls are the ultimate evolution in the plate bending field with two dragging rolls with hydraulic pinching allowing a steady and precise material dragging. The MG bending machine is the easiest, most versatile, quickest and precise the market can offer.

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Angle Rolls

Three smooth surface motorized rolls.
Works both horizontal and vertical axes.
Monolithic structure in electro welded steel.
Three dimensional moving side guides
standard on all models.
Two digital readouts standard on all models.

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Make C Marshall Fabrication Machinery, Inc. your place to go when looking for breaks and shears, ironworkers, tough rebar equipment etc.
We have competitive prices and a wide range of models and sizes.

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The Finest Metalworking Machinery From Around the World

Welcome to C Marshall Fabrication Machinery, Inc. Our mission is to provide the finest metalworking machinery from around the world, while at the same time providing exceptional service and support. Selling metal fabricating equipment both at a national and international level we have built up a reputation of quality service, customer care, and outstanding expertise in plate rolls and angle rolls, and special machinery to help you with your hydraulic plate bending needs.Our staff has over 30 years of experience in the Metal Fabrication Industry. Please contact us today for more information!

Our goal is to help our customers find the machine that they need to be as competitive and profitable as possible. We also will do it for a great price!. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our Website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Plate Roll, Angle Roll, Hydraulic Shear and Press Brakes are the best in Quality, Reliability, Dependability, Durability and Precision making your job easier and safer. Backed by personal customer service and hands-on professionalism, you won’t find a better place to buy than C Marshall Fabrication Machinery, Inc.

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To read about our “flagship” – Italian made MG plate roll line, please click HERE.

AR 530 – The Largest Angle Roll Ever Built
AR 530 is the new section bending machine manufactured by MG SRL, Italy that completes the already large range of models of plate and section bending rolls the company can take pride in its 54 years of life. The AR530 is the biggest section bending machine ever built; it is a giant 29.5’ x 29.5’, almost 26’ high, 340 tons, 220 HP with 1900 ton torque. The AR530 can bend standard and special profiles; T’s and channels, beams, round and sq.

Exciting addition to our product line: AST’s TruHelix™ Flight Forming System!!

AST™ TruHelix™ Flight Forming System revolutionizes flight design and manufacture.

TruHelix™ – Doesn’t use heavy pitch dependent forming dies. It uses a pack of lightweight forming plates that can produce flights of unprecedented quality regardless of the pitch, outside diameter and inside diameter. The same plates produce both left and right hand flights. Our patented systems use Young’s Modulos, Brinell Scale and other scientific data built into the software to ensure the accuracy of the forming process dependent on sizes and material s to be cut and formed.

TruHelix™- the forming plates cost less to produce, wear and maintenance is minimal.

TruHelix™- tools take up a fraction of the space required for conventional dies, can be changed by hand in a matter of minutes.

TruHelix™- Operator training to reach full production capability is measured in days not years, producing top quality flights three to five times faster than old methods.

TruHelix™ – the Flight Blank Designer program will accurately calculate the perfect blank size based on inputting the finished size of your required flight, The Machine Configuration Tool shows the operator exactly how to set up the forming plates and what information to put into the SuperTyro™ Forming machine controls to produce consistent quality flights time after time, accuracy is assured.

TruHelix™ – the system forms (not deforms) the material to achieve a pure true helix shape, operator input is negligible. Fitting to center tube and flight ends is improved and additional savings made by flight consistently fitting better requiring less labor time.

TruHelix™ – conforms to all OH&S requirements and meets CE (European Community) requirements for safety.

Flight Forming is now using 21st Century technology.”

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